About the Artist

Francine L. Kavanaugh

"I believe, as an artist, my work is a reflection of myself, my beliefs, my community and the land I live upon"

Exploring different media of art has been a lifelong passion of mine; However, two styles of art have always captured my attention - metal sculpture and fiber art. I started taking classes in Navajo weaving at Fiber Factory in Tempe and then on the Navajo reservation with both Jeanie Stick and Emily Malone. In addition to weaving, we were taught how to gather plants for dyeing, to dye the wool, and to spin it, which further enhanced my education.

Metal has been another area of growth and fascination. At the age of 70, I picked up the blowtorch and began to do metal sculptures. I love the whole process of starting with an idea and watching how the metal moves and changes along the way. When the piece is finished, I find that the basic idea is still there; however, the end result has grown and evolved.

My work has been sold to private individuals in Arizona, Washington, Alaska and Canada and has also been shown in the following places:

The Gallery at el Pedregal - March through June, 2017

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum -38th Annual Contemporary Crafts (February 10-April 23, 2017)

Sonoran Art League-Small Works Art Show (2016)

Sunday at Shemer Family Arts Festival (2016)

Scottsdale Art Center-Eleven Miles of Color (January 8 - April 29, 2016)

Northwest Handmade (Idaho - 2015)

Shemer Art Center-Force of Nature (May 7 - June 18, 2015)

Mesa Art Festival - Telarana Fiber Art Guild (2015)

Yargo Art Work (Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ)  Closed